FSPilot is for use with FS2004 (FS9) only ! 

No support ! We do not have FS9 installations running here !
Do not expect any of the new FSXPilot functions included in this program version !

FSPILOT is now freeware for private, non-commercial use.

After download, please use


to unlock your copy. Copy/Paste or enter this number into the FSPILOT management console , menu "Help" -> "Register"

Best regards

FSXPILOT dev team

FSP Version 2.0 (FS2004)

THIS DOWNLOAD DOES NOT SUPPORT OUR ANDROID APP ! Please upgrade to FSX or (better) Prepar3D and download the FSX Version ! 

 This is the FSPilot installer:

 ----- > Click here to download the installer < -----


screenshot and thumbnail directory are generated during install

some FS error messages when starting the demo scenarios have been removed

EDDM EDDF demo flight: waypoint ALB removed

 Any update of Version 2.0 is free to registered customers until V 3.0. Please simply add your registration key, if needed, after reinstalling the update.

Another good place to download the software is AVSIM (www.avsim.com)

UPDATE FSPilot 2.31 (FS2004) available

 ----- > Click here to download the update (ZIP, 200k) < -----


 You must install the complete FSPilot V 2.0 first.

Download the update (zip file) above, extract it to a temporary directory and copy fspilot.dll into the MODULES folder within FS2004home directory.

Registered users: You must not enter your registration key again.

 Changes in V 2.31

 better default window sizes when first started

  •  new menu entry to restore 'normal' window sizes after resizing


 Changes in V 2.3


  • resizable APPanel and EFIS
  •  user zoom of EFIS text- and symbol size
  •  ability to 'move' the own aircraft on EFIS to left, middle, right and back,middle, front
  •  autosave of position, size and userzoom via the options panel


Changes in V 2.2

  •  better helicopter slow fly performance
  •  better ILS landing in heavy jets


Changes in V 2.11

  •  now automatically searches subdir's in your mp3 database directory
  •  helicopter tailswing reduced for heading changes
  •  automatic decrease of elevator sensitivity at high time acc (8-128): no 'waveform' flight pattern at final flightlevel
  •  switches AP off automatically after heli vector land or groundcontact in hover program
  •  and presets AP values for re-takeoff after vector land
  •  switches AP off reliably after a ILS landing
  •  the way to the helicopter hover position is now more realistic (less pitch up)


Changes in V 2.1

FSP now plays your favourite MP3's from the FSP command line or from a flightplan. We have implemented two sound channels, one for mp3, the other one for wav files. Both channels can be used at the same time - playing background music (mp3) and wav sounds (pilot or crew announcements) simultanously. MP3 files can be placed (default) in a directory 'mp3' within 'fspilot/sounds'.

 Alternatively, you can specify your own mp3 import directory in fspilot.ini by adding the line (example):


 after the 'FlightplanImportDir=' entry.

 'play mp3 [name]'

will then play any mp3 file from this directory, in which the string or substring [name] is included in the mp3 file name. Example: If you have a mp3 file named 'Aretha Franklin - Respect.mp3' simply enter 'play mp3 respect' to play this title.


will play the last selected mp3 title again.

 'set mp3 volume [num]'

will set the sound output volume. Use values between 0 (off) and 100 (loudest) here.

 'stop sound'

will stop both wav and mp3 play.


Changes in V 2.01

Follow up targets on the EFIS now work.

  • new flightplan command: 'gpsselect [name] [lon] [lat] [altitude]' You can now select a GPS target in a flightplan directly - no need to pass the gps_earth.cfg modifications to another user.
  • imported flightplans start with 'head ch', not explicite heading
  • clicks on the APPanel will not interrupt playing FSP sound
  • new keyboard or flightplan commands:
  • 'set amplification throttle [num]'
  • 'set amplification elevator [num]'
  • 'set amplification aileron [num]'
  • 'set amplification rudder [num]'
  • num is recommended between zero and 1 (lower autopilot 'forces') and 1-2 (higher)



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